Information of Skill Test Implementation SSW

1. Responsible ministry 
    Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as “MHLW”)  

2 .The testing organization 
    Test questions are made by MHLW 
    Test is implemented and organized by Prometric Japan Co., Limited 

3. Date of implementation of the test and the test venue (city) 

    June 3,8,10  
    Universitas Gunadarma, Gedung Graha Simatupang Tower 1A Lantai 4 Jl. Letjen Simatupang, 
    Kavling 38, Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, 12540 

    June 2~4,6~7,9~10  
    PT.International Test Center (ITC- Indonesia),  Mall of Indonesia ,Ruko Italian Walk Blok B 11a-11b, 
    Jl. Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading ,Jakarta Utara, 14240 

    June 2~4,8~12  
    Indonesia Surabaya HR. Muhammad Square Blok C21-C22, Jl. Raya Darmo Permai II Surabaya 

    June 2~8  
    Akademi Sekretari & Manajemen Taruna Bakti (ASMTB) Jl. L. L. R.E. Martadinata No.93-95, Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan,   Kota 
    Bandung, Jawa Barat – Indonesia, 40115

   June 2~5,7~10,15,22,29  
   Cilacs Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Jl. Demangan Baru No. 24, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta,     Indonesia 

   June 8,10   
   Binus Center Medan Jalan Gajah Mada No. 3-B Medan, Indonesia 

   * Dates are subject to changes in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

4. Examination fee 
    132,000 IDR (Nursing care skills evaluation test + Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test) 
5. Annual number of examinations expected to be conducted 
    Every month  

6. Qualification for Examinee    
     Age:17 years old or more    Academic background (school career):No requirement 

7. Method of the Test 
    (CBT type, Mark type, Writing type, Practical test, etc.) 
    CBT method * Practical test is conducted by CBT method. 

8. Capacity  300 people per month  

9. Test level 

    Through Nursing care skills evaluation test, it is certified that a candidate has a level of skills with which the  candidate is able to provide 
    a certain level of nursing care appropriately for the physical and mental conditions of  users.  
    Through Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test, it is confirmed that a candidate has a level of Japanese   language proficiency   
    to be able to perform nursing care work with no problem at a care facility.

10. Test subject (Questions ranges) 
     Nursing care skills evaluation test : 60 minutes and a total of 45 questions 
     i ) Writing test:40 questions 
         Fundamentals of care : 10 questions 
         Mechanisms of the mind and the body : 6 questions 
         Communication skills : 4 questions 
         Physical care : 20 question 
     ii) Practical test:5 questions  
         * Practical test is conducted by CBT method. 

  Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test 
  30 minutes and a total of 15 questions 
  Technical terms of care : 5 questions 
  Communications of care : 5 questions 
  Documents of care : 5 questions 

11. Passing criteria 
      60% of total score of each test   
12. Upper limit of test passers (rule of thumb) 
       No limit (Those who reach criteria can pass the test)  
13.  Necessary equipment of testing site ?    
       Equipment to prevent from cheating is required such as rocker room to keep  personal belongings, monitoring camera, etc.   
14.  Documents required at the time of examinations (identification documents etc.)
       Exam-takers are required to present passport, driver’s license or other identity  verification documents with a face photo on the test day. 

More information please check :  http://ac.prometric-jp.com/testlist/nc/index.html